The Downshifting Revolution with Dan Palmer

Dan Palmer is a founder of Permablitz, Designing for Life, Holistic Decision Making, Making Permaculture Stronger and Very Edible Gardens. He has a PhD in systems thinking and contagious levels of enthusiasm for supporting the journeys of others. He currently lives with his wife and two daughters in Castlemaine, Central Victoria. We will be talking with Dan about his journey and the exciting innovations he is bringing to the permaculture world, including how we can better tap into the intelligence of feeling to deepen our understanding of living systems.

The Downshifting Revolution is dedicated to Inspiring and Activating Permanent Culture in the Yarra Valley:
Upskilling, networking, sharing food, and growing connections. These quarterly education and empowerment events work toward cultivating resilience, strengthening local networks, and visioning healthful alternatives in the areas of community, food growing and resource use. This project is a collaboration between Permaculture Yarra Valley, PEACE Farm and Maya Ward.

We meet for a shared dinner at 6pm (bring a dish – if you can with some homegrown and/or locally sourced food), the talk starts at 7pm, then conversation and networking for the rest of the evening over PEACE Farm tea and cake.

Full- $15
Permaculture Yarra Valley Member/concession card holders $10
Non-monetary/exchange- please bring something homemade or homegrown to offer as a gift to the presenter.

To get a taste of Dan’s work, listen to his excellent podcast!

“What are we seeking to achieve and why? This is the route to the creation of something that doesn’t yet exist. Don’t look at why current methods aren’t working. Keep your eye squarely on the intentions of living systems and social groups.”


Nov 15 2019


7:00 pm - 10:00 pm




60 Settlement Rd, Yarra Junction, Victoria 3797
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